At Timberstore/ South Bucks Estates we have pressure
treated our own timber since 1984.

Quality assurance

Our treatment has always been to the highest specification and to reassure you of the quality of
this treatment we are offering a 15 year guarantee on all square sawn posts. Treated to UC4, designed for in ground contact.
Described as in direct contact with soil or fresh water.
To enable us to achieve deep penetration of preservative, we specify redwood only timber which
allows for more preservative to penetrate deep below the surface of the timber.

This guarantee applies to material purchased after May 1st 2013.

sign of guarantee 15 years

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Timberstore 15 year treated post guaranteeView sample certificate

Guarantee terms and conditions

Timberstore Limited described as “us”, “we”, our”

“The Customer”: company or individual who has purchased posts from us, directly or indirectly via a contractor on behalf of their client who must be named on the invoice along in addition to their address issued by the ourselves. In the event that the relevant invoice cannot be produced, Timbestore will not be liable for any claim under this guarantee.

Definition of Failure
Fungal attack to the extend that posts are no longer fit for purpose.

“The posts”
Treated fence posts referred to on the Sales Invoice.

“The Property”
Address where the posts are first installed to be detailed on the invoice providing proof of purchase and proof of address of installation.

Customer benefit
Timberstore will replace all posts which have Failed due to Fungal Decay within the period of 15 years starting with the date of the Sales Invoice. The benefits of this Guarantee are limited to  he Customer only and are restricted to the replacement of the Posts only.

This guarantee is conditional upon the customer complying with the following conditions and procedures:-

  • The customer must follow the claims procedures mentioned below
  • The posts must have been installed in accordance with our Code of Practice, the current version of which is set out below
  • The posts must have been paid for in full
  • The property address must be correctly shown on the sales invoice
  • We are able to inspect the posts as they were originally installed and where they were originally installed.

Making a Claim
The customer must notify Us in writing within two weeks of the customer becoming aware of circumstances which may give rise to a claim under this guarantee, giving full details and quoting  he invoice number and, if the person/s who purchased the posts from us as installed them for someone else, the installation address must be referred to in the purchasers invoice to that person and which must also be produced to us.

We will be making a preliminary inspection at the property as soon as practical and no later than two weeks from the date we receive the customers claim.

The customer must provide us with every opportunity to inspect the posts wherever required and failure to do so will invalidate this guarantee.

We reserve the right to remove samples of  wood, soil or other material for testing as may be appropriate.

We will hope to give a preliminary response to the customer as soon after the initial inspection as we can and in any event within one calendar month.

We will give the customer notification as to whether the claim is accepted within a reasonable period after that. Please note that in some circumstances we may have to carry out further investigations, which may delay our final response.

If we accept the claim we will replace the posts by delivering them to the customer free of charge within  the terms of our usual delivery procedures.

This guarantee does not cover the following:-

  • All forms of mechanical damage, including wind damage.
  • Where a post has broken at ground level and fungal decay was present but ancillary to the reason for the breakage.
  • Where the posts have been exposed to regular immersion in fresh or salt water (e.g. regular flooding)
  • The posts have been used for a purpose for which they were not designed.
  • Posts which have not been marked on the sales invoice as being covered by the guarantee.
  • The costs of removal of the posts and the installation of any replacements.
  • Any incidental, economic or consequential loss whatsoever which results from the failure of the Posts, including loss of profits and damage to third parties but without limitation.
  • Where the posts are originally installed at a location outside a radius of 50 miles from one of our depots.
  • We are not satisfied that the posts were purchased from us.
  • We cannot or are not prevented from inspecting the posts as they were originally installed and where they were originally installed.
  • This guarantee may not be transferred to anyone else.
  • Where a post is installed in an area paved with slabs, concrete, tarmac or similar and the concrete backfill to the posthole is made flush with the surrounding paving.


  • A cross cut end of a treated post must never be embedded in the ground.
  • Any cuts or notches into the treated post should be re-coated with two liberal brush oats of approved endcoat.
  • Treated wood must never be rip sawn along its length.
  • If concreting the post into the ground, there must be sufficient drainage; so do not sit the post on a bed of concrete creating a boot for water to collect in.
  • Where posts are installed in areas of soil the concrete should not reach ground level but should stop at least 100mm below, the rest being backfilled with soil.