Gate Posts

When it comes to enhancing the charm and security of your property, nothing quite compares to the rustic elegance of timber gate posts. Our range of wooden gate posts is pressure treated to withstand the test of time, ensuring your garden gate not only looks stunning but also remains robust for years to come.

The Benefits of Timber Gate Posts

Timber gate posts are more than just structural components – they are an integral part of your garden gate’s foundation. Here’s why our gate posts stand out:

  • Durability: Our timber gate posts are pressure treated to ensure they can withstand ground contact without succumbing to rot or insect attack. This treatment process penetrates deep into the wood, creating a barrier that shields against decay, preserving the integrity of your garden gate for years.
  • Various Sizes: Selecting the appropriate post size is essential for the structural stability of your gate. Our wooden gate posts come in various dimensions, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your specific project.
  • Easy Installation: Timberstore gate posts are designed for easy installation, and our experts are always here to provide guidance should you need it.

Gate Posts FAQ

What timber is best for gate posts?

The choice of timber for gate posts depends on your preferences and the specific requirements of your project. Green treated softwood posts are the most popular as we keep a large variety of sizes in stock at all times, but oak and cedar are popular choices due to their natural durability. Our experts can guide you in selecting the timber that best suits your needs.

What size post do I need for a gate?

The size of the gate post you need depends on various factors, including the gate’s dimensions and the weight it will bear. As a general rule, larger and heavier gates require thicker and taller posts. Contact Timberstore for personalised advice.

How deep should a gate post go into the ground?

The depth at which you should install your gate posts depends on factors like soil type and gate size. Typically, gate posts should be buried at least one-third of their length below ground.