Wooden Fencing Panels

One of the most popular ways of creating boundaries in residential, commercial and industrial settings is by using ready made panels. Whether it is curb appeal, privacy or practical considerations, the type and the quality of the fencing you install in your garden and outdoor space will have a large impact on your home. Choosing the right panels not only ensures privacy but can also meaningfully improve the appearance of the building as well.

Plain panels, closeboard panels, decorative panels, or composite panels: No matter which one is right for you, you can find it here at Timberstore. Our lineup of excellent, high-quality timber fence panels come in a variety of sizes, price points, and materials. Check them out for yourself below!

Garden Fence Panels in the UK

Looking for garden fencing in the UK? Choosing the right panels is imperative to keep your garden protected and stylish. This is why at Timberstore, we’ve gone and beyond to provide our clients with a comprehensive list of carefully sourced, carefully crafted fence panels to choose from. We stock various styles in many sizes, offering flexibility to suit different needs and preferences. Want 5ft fences? What about tongue and groove? Need stylish, decorative panels to match your colourful garden? We have them all and more!

Fencing Panels FAQ

Is It Cheaper to Buy Fence Panels or Build Them?

Though DIY is associated with affordability, this isn’t always the case. While it might technically be cheaper to buy timber yourself and create fence panels, there are a variety of issues you’ll face. Ensuring the quality of the timber, getting all the tools to create the panels, making sure you get the proportions right and spending the time it requires to craft all the panels: These aren’t easy issues to overcome.

However, buying ready made fence panels, especially from Timberstore, is very easy. You just add the fence panels to the cart, we ensure quality and delivery. We have some of the best prices in the UK! If affordability is your biggest concern, you can’t go wrong with us!

How Much for 6ft Fence Panels?

Though the prices vary depending on the type and design of the panels, typically, 6ft fence panels can cost you anywhere from a dozen(s) to over a hundred pounds.

At Timberstone, we pay great care to ensure all our products are affordable, and you can purchase our excellent 6ft overlap fence panels for a very affordable price, unmatched anywhere else. And if you want to pay extra and go for decorative fence panels or groove fence panels, we have an excellent selection of these panels as well. Check them out above and you’re sure to find something you like within your price range.

How Much Is Fencing Per Panel?

The price of wooden fence panels depends on a variety of factors: the size of the panel, the quality materials used to make it, and the complexity of the design. As a reference, here at Timberstore, our fencing panels can cost as little as 13 pounds for our trellis panels to well over 200 pounds for our excellent Durapost Vento Composite Fence Boards. Choosing the right fencing has both practical applications and will impact your curb appeal, so you need to balance the amount you want to spend with these considerations. Whichever decision you reach, however, you’ll find excellent timer fence panels within your price range at our online store!