Timber Joists

Looking for high-quality joists? Can’t find affordable ones made out of pressure-treated timber? Afraid existing options aren’t up to your standards? You have to check out our joists at Timberstore!

We offer a robust selection of joists of different sizes and shapes all carefully sourced from reputable suppliers. Whether you’re looking for decking or roof joists, you’ll find our excellent timber products are more than adequate!

Timber Joist in the UK

House renovations and improvements can be expensive in the UK and getting access to quality timber isn’t always simple: Timberstore was designed to solve both of these issues. Delivering to most areas within the South East, our carefully sourced timber joists are an excellent choice for any and all construction purposes.

Offering the full gamut of joist types made out of regular and pressure-treated timber of various grades, you’ll find what you need here. And thanks to our affordable prices, our excellent services, and our reliable customer support, you can be sure of the experience from adding the items to the cart to the delivery.

Wooden Joists FAQ

What Materials are Used in Making Joists?

Joists are made from treated timber sourced from specialised woods for their strength and durability. Both the materials used and the manufacturing and treatment techniques employed are highly important as joints need to adhere to strict standards. Joists are often categorised based on their strength.

Which Is Better C16 or C24 Timber?

In the construction industry in the UK, timber pieces are categorised by their strength. C16 and C24 are two of the most commonly used grades of timber in deck and floor joists. C24 Timber is a higher grade of timber with better durability and resilience compared to its C16 cousin.

Though both grades are commonly used, here at Timberstore, we exclusively stock up on C24 timber because it is considered premium and provides additional durability and strength. Nevertheless, both C16 and C24 adhere to British Standards and are commonly used for floor and roof construction, decking frames and shuttering.

What Are the 4 Types of Joists?

Joists are heavily used in construction, and they are broadly categorised into four common types:

  1. Floor joist: As the name implies, a floor joist runs horizontally under a building’s floor and acts to support it structurally. A floor joist needs to be strong enough to support the building’s foundation and whatever is put on top of the floor. This requires quality, durable timber.
  2. Deck joist: Deck joists act as the support pillars of decks and prevent them from breaking underweight. Made from durable, pressure-treated timber, they’re usually connected to the deck’s frame.
  3. Ceiling joist: Ceiling joists not only provide structure to the ceiling, but they also help carry and support the diagonal rafters often used to cover the ceiling. Suffice it to say that both functions are very important, and that makes the size, shape, and quality of the timber joists relevant when making a decision on what to install.
  4. Rim joist: Attached perpendicular to the end of the joists, rim joists are meant to provide additional support to the structure. They are commonly used in multi-storey buildings.

Joists serve a multitude of functions and choosing the right type and quality for the task is important. Here at Timberstore, we offer several excellent options of each type. Whether you want a pergola, deck joists or ceiling joists, you’ll find them here!