Garden Gates

At Timberstore, we understand that a garden gate is more than just a functional entry – it’s a statement of style and a mark of security for your home. That’s why we offer an exceptional range of timber garden gates, combining aesthetics with durability. Our wooden gates are designed to cater to various styles and preferences, ensuring that there’s a perfect gate for every garden.

Variety of Wooden Gate Designs

Our extensive collection boasts an impressive range of gate types, ensuring there is something to suit every taste and requirement. For those who prefer a timeless aesthetic, we offer classic designs such as the Featheredge Gate and Overlap Gate, which exude a sense of traditional elegance. If you’re looking for a more refined option, our Elite T&G Gate and Elite Slatted Top Gate are sure to impress with their sophisticated craftsmanship and attention to detail. We also offer unique designs like the Arched Horizontal Gate, Arched Lattice Top Gate, and the distinctive Elite Cross Top Gate, each adding its charm to your garden.

Both of our branches also have a milling facility where we can make bespoke gates to meet our customers needs with whatever style and size needed. No matter which option you choose, you can trust that all of our wooden gates are meticulously crafted to showcase the natural beauty and strength of timber.

Durability Meets Style

When it comes to enhancing the beauty of your garden, our wooden garden gates are the ideal choice. Not only are they designed with style in mind, but they are also built to last. Each gate in our premium range is pressure treated, ensuring that it can withstand the harshest elements and remain a durable and attractive feature of your garden for many years to come. Invest in our timber gates and enjoy a long-lasting and visually appealing addition to your garden.

Why Choose Timberstore Wooden Gates?

At Timberstore, we pride ourselves on over three decades of experience as one of South East England’s leading timber merchants. Our commitment to quality is evident in every gate we offer. Our timber supplies are solid, durable, and backed by high-class timber treatments, ensuring your garden gate stands the test of time against the elements.

Transform your garden today and discover the perfect wooden gates to complement your garden’s unique character. Browse our range of timber garden gates and embrace the blend of beauty, security, and timeless craftsmanship that defines our collection.