Fencing Timber & Materials

From specialist and closeboard fencing to posts, gates, and panels: Timberstore provides everything fencing-related, all made from the best quality timber sourced from our reliable partners.

Want to install new garden fencing? Finally want to upgrade your post and rail fencing? Having trouble finding quality fencing supplies at affordable prices? Timberstore is one of the leading timber building material suppliers in the UK. Look at our excellent selection below and see for yourself!

Fencing Timber Supplies

Installing high-quality fencing is important. Not only does it impact your estate’s curb appeal and design, but it also has a number of practical applications. Whether it is garden fencing or rail fencing, you need to think carefully about the types of fencing you install, the fence posts you choose, and the components you select.

We understand our clients’ concerns at Timberstore and have not only made sure we offer a diverse selection of fencing supplies but each one is carefully handpicked for its quality and reliability. If you need anything fencing related, you’ll find everything you need here!

Why Choose Timberstore?

With a primary focus on quality and affordability, our fencing materials are unmatched in the UK.

  • Excellent selection: 4ex log redwood timber, concrete and composite posts, as well as standard pedestrian gates or bespoke featheredge and T&G gates, decorative or traditional overlap panels: these are just a small selection of what we offer here at Timberstore. Thanks to our huge range of excellent products, regardless of your demands and requirements, you’re sure to find the fencing materials you’re looking for.
  • One-stop shop: Not only do we provide a huge range of fencing materials made from high-grade timber and concrete, but we also provide all the necessary fencing components and accessories as well. Whether it is paints and preservatives or nails and fixings, you’ll find it at Timberstore. We’re your one-stop shop for everything fencing-related.
  • Unmatched prices: Despite being second to none in terms of quality, our fencing supplies are incredibly affordable. Home renovations in the UK can be incredibly expensive, and we’re on a mission to change that with some of the lowest prices seen on the market.
  • Treatment: We’re one of few suppliers who have their own treatment facility, which not only means we’re able to offer treated materials at cheaper prices but we also make sure our materials are treated to the highest standard.

Fencing Supplies FAQ

What is the Cheapest Fencing Right Now?

Affordability is one of the biggest concerns homeowners and designers have and staying within budget while making sure the quality and design of the fencing are up to your standards can be difficult, and that’s why many search for the cheapest solution.

At Timberstore, we offer incredibly affordable timber fence panels, gravel boards and gates at unmatched prices. If you’re looking for cheap fencing in the UK without compromising on quality, you need to check out what we have on offer!

How Much Does It Cost to Build and Supply Fence Panels?

The costs involved in building a fence are variable, and they depend primarily on the length and height of the fence. We sell budget panels but with extra batten for additional strength, as well as composite fencing with up to 25 year guarantee. We also offer many temporary repair solutions for those looking for a cheap fix. Our extensive range of materials means that we have a solution for every project with every budget.

Here at Timberstore, we offer everything you need to build an excellent fence from posts to panels and gates at high-quality and very affordable prices. Check out our selection above!

What Are the Best Fencing Materials?

Fences are exposed to the elements and are sometimes subjected to blunt force. This means that not only does the fencing need to be stylish and attractive, but it needs to be reliable and durable as well.

Timberstore, as one of the leading fencing and building suppliers in South East England, offers an excellent range of closeboard fencing, posts, panels and much more all crafted from high-quality timber.

Why Is Timber Commonly Chosen for Fencing?

Timber fencing is the most common and popular type of fencing in the UK, and this is due to a number of reasons:

  • Affordable: Timber fencing is one of the most affordable options out there. It does the job and it does it well, so why pay a premium for other options?
  • Practical: Quality timber is a very practical option. It is durable, resistant to elements and requires little maintenance. It is excellent for those who want reliable fencing with no headache.
  • Easy to Repair: With individual components available in a variety of sizes, it’s very easy to carry out small repair jobs on a wooden fence.

If these sound good to you, and you want to install high-quality timber fence, you should check out our products at Timberstore.