Porcelain Paving Slabs

Welcome to Timberstore’s porcelain paving slabs collection. At our shop, we offer an extensive range of porcelain slabs in multiple sizes and designs. Our porcelain paving slabs have been carefully sourced from reliable traders and are excellent for both gardens and patios.

If you’re looking to adorn your garden with shiny, stylish, and aesthetic new porcelain paving tiles, you’ve come to the right place! Check out our selection of porcelain slabs below!

Timberstore’s Porcelain Paving Slabs

Timberstore offers carefully sourced and stress-tested porcelain paving slabs that adhere to the highest technical and safety standards. They are excellent for creating walkways, paving over dirt, and even commercial use.

Why Porcelain?

Porcelain slabs have become increasingly popular with homeowners, and this is thanks to the qualities of porcelain, which give these slabs several highly sought-after benefits.

  • Non-porous: Porcelain is non-porous, meaning it doesn’t absorb water. This will not only help you redirect the flow of water in your garden during rain, but it also makes the slabs more durable and long-lasting. They won’t erode, expand, or otherwise get damaged by absorbing water, which is a problem with other types of pavements.
  • Slip-resistant: though porcelain paving is generally smooth, they are not slippery. So, whether it is rain or sunshine, you can safely walk across your garden without fearing your leg will slip.
  • Scratch and stain-resistant: Due to porcelain’s durability and toughness, the slabs are highly stain and scratch-resistant. They won’t be scratched easily, and no matter how dirty they get, they can be cleaned up relatively easily. This quality is actually why porcelain isn’t only used for an outdoor space alone but is used for indoor spaces as well. They’ll continue looking amazing and new for months and years to come.

The Timberstore Difference

Want outdoor porcelain paving tiles that truly suit the colour and style of your contemporary home? Want durable, well-sourced natural stone? Need to see the materials in person to make sure they are up to your standards? Learn the Timberstore difference and see why we’re one of the most trusted construction suppliers in Southern England: 

  • Large selection of porcelain tiles: Offering more than 20 different types of porcelain paving tiles, Timberstore offers a range of colours and styles clients can choose from. By browsing our selection, you’ll find the ideal outdoor tiles that perfectly complement your property. 
  • Online and in-store: With a comprehensive online catalogue and two brick-and-mortar stores in Beaconsfield and Crawley, our clients can browse our products and purchase our items from anywhere at any time. We serve a range of communities, towns, and cities in Southern England. 
  • Quality guaranteed: All of our outdoor porcelain paving slabs are carefully sourced and extensively tested to ensure their durability, dimensions, colours, and style are up to our standards. When you choose Timberstore, you choose quality!

Porcelain Garden Paving FAQ

Is Porcelain Paving Worth it?

If you have a vast outdoor space that you want to renovate, if you are building a brand new home, if you want to upgrade your garden, then you can’t go wrong with porcelain paving. Not only does it improve your home’s aesthetics and curb appeal, but it also creates functional pathways for you and your guests to walk on. These are the primary reasons why porcelain paving slabs have been increasingly popular in Britain, and if you finally want to invest money in home renovation, considering them is a great idea.

Is Porcelain Stain Resistant?

Yes, porcelain’s non-porous abilities not only means it won’t absorb and get damaged by water, but it also means it won’t absorb most other liquids as well. So, any potential stains on the porcelain could easily be cleaned through dusting, mopping, or splashing with soapy water. This stain resistance is why porcelain is highly sought after for installation in interiors, baths, and kitchens. You don’t have to worry about your cooking leaving a permanent mark.

Of course, it also has utility outdoors. Rain, mud, and snow won’t permanently alter the porcelain paving, and a simple cleaning job will restore it to its previous shine and lustre.

Why Choose Timberstore’s Porcelain Slabs?

Affordable prices, high-quality slabs, and reliable services are what distinguish Timberstore from its competitors. Thanks to our diverse range of porcelain slabs, you will be able to find precisely what you’re looking for, whether it is domestic or commercial construction, renovation, or anything else. If you’re looking for a timber and paving store in South East England, you can’t go wrong with Timberstore. Check out our collection of slip-resistant, carefully-sourced porcelain slabs above and see for yourself what we have to offer.

Are Outdoor Porcelain Paving Slabs Worth It?

Outdoor porcelain tiles are scratch-resistant, weatherproof, and durable. They come in several stylish colours and complement both contemporary and traditional home styles. They’re not susceptible to moss and algae nor can they be easily stained. In short, they’re some of the best slabs available on the market. 

The up-front cost of outdoor porcelain paving slabs makes some homeowners apprehensive, but with improvements to the property’s curb appeal and value, it is an investment, and it can be absolutely worth it.

Do Porcelain Slabs Crack Easily?

No. Porcelain is a highly dense ceramic that can withstand substantially heavy weights. Its longevity and resistance to cracks and scratches are in fact what makes them suitable for use as outdoor tiles. If you are looking to pave your garden path or walkway, you can’t go wrong with outdoor porcelain slabs!

Are Outdoor Porcelain Slabs Slippery?

Counting it among its many benefits, porcelain is by its very nature grippy and non-slippery, which makes it great for wet climates like the UK. There are also anti-slip tile treatments and coating you can apply during installation to make the walkway safer.