Composite Fence Panels

Looking for durable, practical fences that last long, don’t require constant maintenance, and are not prone to rot and disintegrate? Look no further than composite fences. This new fencing is taking the residential and commercial construction markets by storm, and whether you’re planning your new home or upgrading your existing one, you’ll fall in love with composite fencing, its practicality, and its hassle-free nature.

Want excellent composite fencing in the UK? Check out our offers below!

  • Durapost Urban Composite Fence Boards

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  • Durapost Vento Composite Fence Boards

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  • Cladco Composite Fencing 3.6m – Teak

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  • Fencing Rail for Cladco Composite Fencing Panels 2m

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  • Cladco Composite Fence Post Cap

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  • Cladco Composite Fence Panel Posts 3m – Stone Grey

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Composite Fencing at Timberstore

Composite fencing is a relatively new technique that uses plastic to make durable, long-lasting fences. Unlike wooden fences, which slowly erode away, composite fencing panels are extremely resilient and require little maintenance.

Though using plastic in fencing might sound dubious and environmentally harmful, that couldn’t be further from the case. Often, a composite fence is created from recycled plastic, and sometimes, it is even mixed with wood. It is an excellent choice for people who want to adorn their outdoor space with a fence that’s low-maintenance, practical, and modern.

What Makes Our Composite Fencing the Right Choice?

If you’ve been convinced of the benefits of composite panels, then there’s no better place to buy them than Timberstore:

  • Choose composite fencing from a large catalogue: Timberstore offers a large catalogue of composite fencing made from different mixes of plastic/wood, coming in different sizes, shapes, and colours. Regardless of the kind of composite fence posts your home, garden, or patio needs, you’ll find what you’re looking for right here at Timberstore.
  • Find composite fencing at great prices at Timberstore!
  • Never again worry about quality: being a relatively new manufacturing method, the quality and the composition of the materials comprising composite fences are very important. At Timberstore, we are very selective about the products we offer. Not only have all of our composite fences been sourced from highly reputable brands, but they all undergo testing to ensure they are up to the task. When you buy with us, you don’t need to worry about low-quality, fragile, or subpar products. We can guarantee each composite fence panel will exceed your expectations. Certain composite panels come with a 15 year guarantee! (& 25 years on selected posts).

If these sound appealing to you, check out our catalogue above! And if you have any questions, inquiries, or demands regarding certain designs and dimensions, you should get in touch with us right away. Our helpful support team will get back to you ASAP to discuss the details.

Composite Fencing FAQ

Is Composite or Wood Fencing Better?

Composite fencing, made primarily from plastic, has a few advantages over wood fences: It is more reliable, it is low maintenance, and it is more durable. Once you install a composite fence, the only maintenance it’ll need is a wash every now and again.

This doesn’t mean wood fences have been completely superseded, however. Wood fences are more flexible, have more prominent designs and embellishments, and are generally cheaper. They also come in more varieties, which gives homeowners more options.

Whether you choose composite or wood fencing, you can find an excellent slew of posts, panels, and fences here at Timberstore. Check them out on our website.

Is Composite Fencing Easy to Install?

Composite fencing is pretty simple to install, installation guides and instructions are also available. Composite fencing materials are much lighter compared to traditional wood and metal alternatives, therefore making installation much easier due to the materials being easier to handle and manoeuvre. Interlocking systems and consistent sizing is also a big bonus for an easy and quick installation. Certain types of composite fencing are delivered pre-assembled panels too.

What is Composite Fencing Made of?

Composite fences are made of plastic, primarily, though the composition changes depending on the type of the composite fence. Wood plastic composite fences are created by mixing wood and plastic while traditional composite fences feature plastic exclusively.

At Timberstore, our most popular composite fence panels are Vento & Urban, both of which are eco-friendly and made from 60-70% of recycled materials, such as rice husk.

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