Due to their natural beauty, allure, and elegance, natural Indian sandstone paving slabs are en vogue in recent years, widely used in construction from patios to gardens and commercial spaces. 

But beyond their aesthetics, sandstone paving slabs are also incredibly practical, and in this article, we’ll go over 6 reasons why you should consider them for your new construction, renovation, or extension! 

#1 Sandstone paving slabs are durable

Formed due to natural processes that have taken millions of years, sandstone is fundamentally durable and has great resistance to weathering and deterioration. It can withstand both low and high temperatures, UV rays, rain, humidity, and more. 

These qualities make sandstone paving slabs a natural choice for outdoor spaces in the UK. With sandstone, you don’t need to worry about discolouration, fissures, and cracks, making them a low-maintenance, durable option that’s worth investing in. 

#2 Sandstones offer a lot of diversity 

Getting their characteristics from the topography and geography of the regions they are sourced from, sandstone paving slabs are made from a diverse range of natural stones, largely native to India. This means that homeowners have many styles and designs to choose from. 

From gorgeous, Raj Green natural Indian sandstone paving slabs to Kandla grey slabs, there are virtually limitless colours, designs, and aesthetics, and with Timberstore, you can find the natural Indian sandstone slabs that best fit your home! 

#3 Sandstones are flexible 

Whether it is an outdoor space in a busy commercial area, it is a path through a traditional garden, or it is the porch of a modern home with a minimalist design, both in its aesthetics and its installation, sandstone offers enough flexibility to be a perfect choice for all these scenarios. 

Thanks to its natural beauty, durability, and safety, sandstone can be your go-to option whenever you need paving slabs that both adorn your property and help create functional spaces that you, your family, your guests, and/or your customers can use. 

#4 Sandstones are safe and reliable

Sandstone has many qualities that make it incredibly safe and reliable for use as a paving slab. 

  • Sandstone has natural anti-slip properties: made from sand grains, quartz, and cementing material pressurised over epochs, sandstone has natural anti-slip properties that make it perfect for gardens and pathways. 
  • Sandstone can withstand a lot of weight: With a strength of more than 12.9 MPa, sandstone is more than capable of withstanding heavy weights. In common domestic and commercial settings, you never need to worry about natural stone paving slabs cracking under pressure. 
  • Sandstone doesn’t lend itself to fracturing easily: due to its formation, unlike many other common paving materials, sandstone isn’t prone to fracturing or slitting. It continues to be safe to walk, run, and play on for years after its installation. 

These are why sandstone is a favourite of families with kids and pets helping create a safe environment. 

#5 Sandstones are environmentally friendly 

Abundant, durable, recyclable, sandstone paving slabs are one of the foremost environmentally friendly construction materials in the world. Compared to other materials, it is a natural stone that’s mined and refined using low-impact, energy-efficient methods that produce little negative side effects, both on the geography of the regions they’re mined from and on global temperatures. 

If you are looking to reduce your CO2 footprint and minimise the impact of your new dream home on the environment, sandstones are worth considering. 

#6 Sandstone slabs are affordable

Despite their durability, their flexibility, and their environmental friendliness, sandstone paving slabs remain surprisingly affordable. Thanks to their abundance in nature and careful sourcing by our team at Timberstore, you can get your hands on a variety of sandstone paving slabs at excellent prices

If you are afraid your renovation project is going over budget, if you want to keep costs low, and if you want to do both without compromising on quality, Indian sandstone paving slabs are for you!